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A fragrance for each season ?

One question I've been asking myself lately is: should I wear a particular perfume depending on the season ?

Personally, I've always let my moods dictate the fragrances I like, regardless of the season. I would never really notice if there was a difference if I wear a woody fragrance in winter or in summer.

The truth is that I have to point out that there is a difference and that I probably have to admit it to myself too ! However, all this is really only a nuance of the olfactory universe.

The question is, which scent for which season ?

Fruits, flowers, heat, light, air, so many aspects of nature that change throughout the year and create the olfactory palette of a season.

If I tell you winter, you will think of warmer, greedy, comforting smells, which are present, such as fir wood at Christmas, cinnamon, oranges, pears, anemone or mimosa.

An vivifying cocktail that will keep you warm in the cold. They are scents rather turned towards the family of the oriental perfumes or still wooded. Perfumes strong, tenacious, with character.

The winter season is ending and soon the days will get longer and the flowers' buds will start to grow. They will have a strong green smell and the flowers growing near them will have a sweet smell. If I tell you about spring, the first thing that comes to mind are flowers like honeysuckle, lilac, lily of the valley, peony or poppy flower.

Summertime is all about visiting faraway places that smell fresh. Citrus fruits take a prominent place and add a few loving touches to the perfume composition.

Even the way we scent ourselves is changing; when the heat is unbearable, we prefer cooler scents to spray in our hair or on our clothes. With notes reminiscent of sea spray, marine fragrances take you out to sea and sail along the coast.

As for me, I think of the note of lemon or bergamot for a trip to the Mediterranean coast. I also think of lavender, a legendary fragrant note that makes us think directly of those immense fields in the south of France.

Long walks in the woods or warm gatherings by the fire with loved ones or friends come to mind when we think of fall.

To approach this new season, I think of cozy, enveloping and full of personality fragrances, even if the brightness is gradually fading and temperatures are dropping.

As winter approaches, deeper scents with woody and spicy notes are the most appropriate to enjoy this special season. Without a doubt, musk, sandalwood and vanilla are the scented notes to use in the fall to soothe the air and warm the heart.

What about fragrances that proclaim to be seasonal ?

We all know a perfume advertisement with a story, characters, colors, clothes, emotions, places of this creation that will arouse our imagination to make us feel the fragrance through a screen. Remarkable effort or vain?

It is nevertheless that this influences us all and that's why some perfumes are more seasonal than others. I'm obviously talking about the so-called "mainstream" perfumes or more known as belonging to the world of high fashion, because unlike the latter, the niche, it will position itself mostly neutral regarding seasonal marketing.

Is it an advantage to stand out? Or is it a risk to miss out on a seasonal belonging? I invite you to make up your own mind on the matter.

Perfume is also about seduction, love and passion! There is no particular season to feel the soul of a lover or a seducer.

Should we respect the rule of one perfume per season? Should we avoid always wearing our fetish perfume ?

Well, no! Olfactory art is not dependent on the seasons and that's good. In fact, we are free to wear warm and expressive fragrances in summer or cooler notes in winter. The advantage is that there is raw material for every season, since the harvests do not change. In the same way that in the vast majority of cases your perfume will be available in your store, no matter what the season.

And from another point of view, if your perfume contains synthetic materials then it can be created at any time of the year. The difference with your perfume and its scents is that they will not have the same expression on your skin depending on the temperature, humidity and sun. This is not a bad thing, on the other hand, "revisiting" your usual or seasonal perfume might surprise you a bit.

Without forgetting the fact that a perfume is also a memory, an emotion kept in a bottle. What is better than to relive your memory for a moment. Try wearing your summer souvenir in winter and it will make you travel far away while being at home! This is the art of perfume.

We are looking forward to meeting again soon for a special "Last Privilege" news edition on 20.01.2023

Sincerely yours Tom Herbaux.

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