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The story behind Last Privilege Eau de parfum.

How did it all begin ?

Well, I'll tell you that this perfume was born maybe a little bit of romance and flirting. The day after a unique and original wake, I went to the barbershop, and it was while I was waiting that I read on a newspaper the name Privilège.

I can't really say why, but I was immediately attracted to the name. Privilège seemed to evoke something classy, serious, yet provocative and seductive. And instantly, I couldn't resist imagining this name on a perfume bottle.

That's when I decided to create a story, but above all a symbol through this name to make it a real creation.

Perfumes tell stories, they are not just names and labels stuck on a fragrance. No, for me, true perfumery, the haute parfumerie, the one that looks like an art, is the one that forms a whole.

A mix between a design bottle, a story, a fragrance, colors, symbols or values and a name.

I started by searching all the existing perfumes with this name. To my surprise, I found only one perfume, Privilège, an old perfume from a brand that didn't seem to have made it in the perfume industry.

Knowing that the names of perfumes are very popular and very protected, I decided despite everything to continue my idea, I would say at most to develop it.

This is how Last Privilege was born, an English name that sounds better than Le Dernier Privilège in French. Personally, the name in French was too long for the marketing to place on the bottle or even in general. I can imagine situations where someone would have asked me what perfume I was wearing and I would have answered: "It's Le Dernier Privilège". It can even be confusing.

But then why the last one? Why Last Privilege?

I would say that I needed a strong symbol. First or Premier could have worked, but I wanted to transmit values and a new culture. Nothing better than to cross the paths between the new and the old with a "last perfume".

This perfume as usual, I have intended it for all, unisex as well as for men therefore for women.

I find it interesting that in the theme of seduction (because yes, perfumes have often been the subject of seduction and are still today.) women like to smell the perfumes of men and the men like to smell the perfumes of women.

I've always thought to myself, "So in that case, why don't women wear men's products and vice versa?" I guess we live in a time that is still difficult to really sweep this question and by applying it in the daily life of many people.

Do not put me in a position to say what I did not say. I like it just as much when perfumes are made for men, such as the famous Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier. But it does not change the fact that putting a gender classification on olfactory notes is generally nonsense.

This is one of the reasons why Last Privilege is the symbol of this change. The meeting of olfactory notes both "feminine and masculine" all in a sensual & romantic bottle.

Starting from these ideas, I had to create the aesthetic around this bottle. For the color palette, I turned to a rather dark red, a powerful, deep, royal red. A red that sets the tone of this French love story.

In second color the choice was rather easy. So we needed a second color that would contrast, but that would highlight the first color even more. Something that echoes the class, luxury, this Privilege.

Quite naturally my choice turned to the color, Gold. Symbol of wealth and used in perfumery more than enough to say it.

It is the perfect color to highlight the name, the type of fragrance, but also the cap and the pump and pump cover of the bottle.

For the bottle, I told myself that I had to find something different from the niche perfumes that can be found on the market. Something new, something that stands out, something more original. I found a bottle with a rounded shape and a mass of glass at the bottom.

The mass of glass allows to see the juice allowing an interpretation of the fragrance as something exceptional, rare and precious.

For the last visual element of the perfume, I found that a simple name did not fit with the image I had in mind for the perfume. I based the name on the story of "Amour à la Française" to finally dress it up with a flower & leaf ornament like the Royal Lily.

Crossroads of this visual element with ancient royal aspects with a modern colorful bottle bearing a name symbolizing End and Renewal, containing power, romanticism and French class.

Why a French love story? I could give you many reasons why, among which France is known for the creation of perfumes all over the world with Grasse as its capital.

But do I really need to tell you about Paris? A romantic and timeless city. The ideal place for love stories. From the top of Montmartre to the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre and its arts.

In the early morning of farewells, after a passionate romance, the charming red colors of the sun and the morning let place to this last privilege.

A true act of love. A sweet perfume that gradually dissipates to reveal the woody and suave character of this moment, the sketch of a memory of this everlasting romance.

The story is there, between Paris, sensual scents, romantic and charming, it would be simply two strangers the time of a "Last Privilege" to concretize this lifetime Parisian love story.

The crossing of these visual elements with ancient royal aspects with a modern colored bottle bearing a name symbolizing End and Renewal, reflecting provocation, romanticism and French Chic.


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