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Our solutions to resolve your problems 


· Do you accept returns ?

· How do I return my product?

· How long will I receive my refund?

· Are you in charge of the payment of the returns?



· Is there any charge for delivery ?

· In which countries do you deliver ?

· How long will it take to deliver?

· What if I am not available to receive my order?



· Can I change or cancel my order ?

· What is the status of my order ?

· Comment puis-je suivre ma commande ?

· Comment puis-je suivre ma commande ?


Our products

· How do I apply my perfumes correctly ?

· Why are my goods out of stock?

· Can my order be wrapped with gift wrap ?

· How can I be informed of quotas so I don't miss out on buying my products ?

Nos Produits

Environmental policies

· Are your packages environmentally friendly ?

· Are your packages recyclable ?

· Why did you set quotas ?

· Do you support environmental NGOs?



· Which payment options do you accept ?

· Can I pay in several times ?

· Can I pay via Apple pay ?

Is there anything else we can do for you?

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