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· Our Mission: To reduce our impact by limiting our production in the form of quotas. As well as using as much as possible biodegradable and recyclable materials & supplies

· Our Goal is divided into 4 seasons : Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall.

When one of these objectives is met, no oversupply will be incurred by the company.

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Allow us to keep you informed

At your disposal, you can consult the evolution of these quotas on a regular basis by means of graphs and by receiving emails via our newsletter.

season & current missions :

Seasonal Spring Quotas : Stock of 250 Pre-Orders, shipment planned for early April."


Classical Quotas : 250 Classical sells


· quotas ·

French brand with controlled & limited production

In the concern of the respect of our planet, the brand wants to be ecoresponsible.

Roses, symbols of nature, blossom in harmony with our ecological quotas. At Herbaux, we preserve the beauty of nature while creating luxury perfumes. Discover our commitment to the environment.
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